St. Thomas Snorkeling

Are you looking for the best St Thomas boat rental company to explore all the Virgin Islands has to offer, with plenty of opportunities to swim with exotic fish, explore the beautiful coral, and simply enjoy the warm Caribbean water. We can take you to the best and healthiest reefs that are full of colorful fish, and away from all the crowds. We go to all the spots that you can only get to by boat.

Brandon and Nate’s Top Snorkel Picks:

  • Maho bay St. John (Turtles & Stingrays )
  • Christmas cove (Fish Cay)
  • Lovango cay (Beautiful healthy reef)
  • Hanson bay (Tons of fish and lots of colorful coral)
  • Salt pond bay (Turtles and barrier reef)
  • Tech tight (Amazing rock formations and colorful fish)
  • Little St. James (Very clear water and lots of fish
  • Buck Island (Ship Wreck Cove )