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St. Thomas Boat Rentals- Choosing the Best St. Thomas Boat Rental

St. Thomas Boat Rentals- Choosing the Best St. Thomas Boat Rental

St Thomas Boat Rentals


A day out on the water with a St Thomas boat rental company is the very definition of a good time. Regardless of if you’re a visitor or a local, there is simply something magical about spending time in the beautiful Caribbean Ocean with no plans or responsibilities and no one else’s agenda but your own. With so much competition for boat rentals, it can be confusing figuring out which St. Thomas boat rental is the right one for you.

We have written a straightforward guide of factors that you should keep in mind when finding your St Thomas boat rental. At Nate’s Custom Charters, we firmly believe that we are the best charter boat in St. Thomas. If you call around, you will quickly see that Nate’s Custom Charters is the best equipped for your day out on the water. Our motto is “your day, your way” and we’re serious about it. It’s your time to relax, adventure, and explore, and it’s our job to make sure you have the best time you can!


The Right Captain

The single most important factor in choosing your St. Thomas boat rental is the captain in charge. Most of the time, you will be relying on the captain’s expertise to help you choose where you want to go, to get there smoothly and quickly, and to have a good time on the way! Having a fun captain who knows what he’s doing, who knows all the local hot-spots, and who can adjust to and accommodate your party’s needs and desires is the first step to making sure you’re finding the right St. Thomas boat rental for you. What use is a huge boat and all the water toys in the world if the skipper isn’t using them to help you have a good time?

Good, Consistent Reviews

Captain Nate has over 15 years of experience as a skipper in St. Thomas. Over the course of his time as a charter captain, he has amassed over 160 reviews on TripAdvisor, all of which are five stars. Reading reviews for each charter service will give you a good indication of what you can expect from your charter tour with them. When you look at reviews for St Thomas boat rentals, make sure that you are looking to see how people assessed a captain’s attitude/ability to have fun, timeliness, service, and how well they know the local spots. Another thing to look for when reading reviews of boat rentals in St. Thomas is if the captain has gone out of his way or made special effort to help make other peoples’ day. If you read in a review that a captain did this for another customer, chances are that they will do whatever it takes to make your day too. 

The Right Itinerary

The best thing about finding a good boat rental in St. Thomas is that you should be able to tell them what you want to experience and what you want to do and they should be able to help you plan an itinerary for that’s going to be a good time. Captain Nate’s been skippering in St. Thomas for 15 years. He knows the best places to go if you want to go snorkeling, the best routes so you can see the Virgin Islands’ beautiful historical sites from the water, where to go if you want to find your own beach for the day, and he’s friends with many of the local bar owners and restaurateurs. Call around, but make sure to call Nate’s Custom Charters and we’ll help you make it “your day, your way!”

A Child Friendly Skipper

If you’re planning on taking your kids with you on your St. Thomas boat rental, make sure that the captain who’s taking you out is great with kids. The last thing you want is a captain without a filter who can’t make a trip “family appropriate,” or a captain who ignores your children and doesn’t cater to their needs just as much as yours. A good captain should be able to make the day magical for kids and parents alike. If you plan to bring children with you on your St. Thomas boat rental, make sure you call the captain and ask him if he’s good with kids and what activities he would recommend to make their day special. Reviews are also a good place to look to see if a St. Thomas boat rental is right for your family.

The Best Boat

Last but not least, make sure that the boat that you’re looking to charter has everything you need. If you’re planning on going fishing on your St. Thomas boat rental, call ahead and make sure that it’s outfitted with fishing gear. Water toys, etc. are always a bonus, and it gets hot out on the water, so additional amenities like complimentary drinks definitely will make a difference!

At Nate’s Custom Charters, we have a beautiful 33 foot World Cat (View our Virgin Islands Boat Charter Gallery Page to see it) with all top of the line accessories, fishing gear, snorkeling gear, and toys. When you book Nate’s Custom Charters as your St. Thomas boat rental, all you will need is sunscreen, sunglasses, a swimsuit, towels, and a disposable camera. We have the rest taken care for you, as well as free beer, soda, wine, and bottled water while we’re out on the water.


Choosing the Right St. Thomas Boat Rental for You

At the end of the day, the best St. Thomas boat rental is going to be the one that’s going to be able to listen to what you want to do with your day and help you make it happen. Spending a little bit of time calling around and seeing which boat rental in St. Thomas is the best fit for you is important, and can go a long way to making sure you have a great day on the water. Just make sure that you call Nate’s Custom Charters (1-340-244-2497.) Our motto is “your day, your way!” What can we do to help you have a perfect day?

“Your Day, Your Way!” Here are a Few Ideas:

Bar Hopping

Nothing says rest and relaxation like hanging out at an oceanfront bar with drink in hand. Nate’s Custom Charters knows all the best spots and the best times to go. Call Nate’s Custom Charters and plan your itinerary today!

Exotic Beaches

Whether you’re looking to visit one of the Virgin Islands’ world famous beaches (Coki Point Beach, Magens Bay) or you want to find an island to call your very own for the day, Nate’s Custom Charters can help you make it happen. Set up your St. Thomas boat charter today!

Breath Taking Snorkeling

st thomas excursions snorkelingHome to beautiful coral reefs and teeming flora and fauna, the Virgin Islands is world-famous for its snorkeling. Swim with turtles, explore the coral structures, and enjoy the beauty of the unspoiled waters. Captain Nate can take you to where the locals go snorkeling, and snorkeling gear is provided. No two destinations are the same, and Nate’s Custom Charters can take you to all the best ones!

Deep Sea Fishing

Whether you’re looking for in shore fishing, light tackle fishing, or deep sea fishing in St. Thomas, Captain Nate knows all the best spots, and gear and beer is provided! Book your St. Thomas fishing charter today.

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    Best Charter in the Virgin Islands! Captain Nate's custom charters is the best way to see the Virgin Islands. He's skilled and knowledgeable and the name is accurate- he will customize the day for you, how you want it. He's very personable and easy to get along with. I went with a large group and he made sure all of us had a great time. Highly recommend! Visited July 2014

    Captain Nate Made Our Vacation! We were lucky to find Nate free when we got to St Thomas, but we did and he created the BEST day of our vacation! We enjoyed the day easily swimming from beautiful beaches or right from his boat. His boat is so comfortable and well-equipped. Nate introduced our kids 7 and 10 to snorkeling - he has a true gift for working with kids in the water. We all enjoyed a great luncheon spot, swam more, and returned home wishing we could have another of Nate's special days. Don't miss one of his adventures! Nate's been in St Thomas for many years and knows where all the best places are and pays special attention to making sure you have fun in a very safe environment! Enjoy!

    Best day ever! This was our second time on Nate's boat. The first was just my husband and I and we had such a great time snorkeling and fishing. When we booked our trip back to St Thomas with our children (ages 9 and 11) the first thing I did was contact Nate. The kids had soooo much fun! We snorkeled with Sea Turtles, swam at one of the most beautiful and peaceful beaches and even caught a Barracuda. What an amazing day. Nate was great about mixing up the day with exciting adventure and relaxing time. When I get on Nates boat I an confident he will make it a day to remember. If you want a relaxing day snorkeling and beach hoping or some exciting fishing Nate will make it happen. He should be your first call when you plan your trip to st Thomas.

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