Aventura 36 Macorix

Our new jumbo size boat comfortably seats up to 12 passengers

Jumbo Size Boat in SVI comfortably seats 12 passengers, includes shade, bathroom, free beer, soda, gear, local captain and 100% 5-star reviews. IF YOU WANT SHADE, THERE IS PLENTY! And if you want sun there is plenty.

Best of both worlds. Getting on and off the boat is extremely easy both on the dock and in the water. I have made specialized ladders and boarding doors to accommodate anyone.

Nate has taken his years of experience and knowledge and designed the most amazing and comfortable boat. The ride is so smooth and the size of the boat provides an amazing platform for all ages. If you have a bad back or worried about getting sea sick this is the boat for you. The boat glides through the water and provides an amazing experience in the shade or the sun areas. We have over 36 cup holders and each seating area has its own tables and areas to spread out and relax. There are no hard entry or exit points on the boat. Everything is very easy on and off. Check out the virtual tour on this page for more details.

  • Super Spacious
  • Tons of shade
  • Full size bathroom
  • 35 cup holders
  • Bar area
  • Blue tooth sound system
  • 36′ long x 15′ wide huge boat
  • Everything is cleaned and sanitized daily
  • Extremely clean and nice boat