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Virgin Islands Boat Charters – Buck Island

Virgin Island Boat Charters – Buck Island

Buck-island-USVI-St-Thomas-Parrot-fishThe splendor of the Virgin Islands is beyond imagination and the perfect vacation destination. Buck Island is one of the more popular tourist stops as it is home to a beautiful coral reef. The island is in fact a national monument and surrounded in breathtaking beauty. Captain Nate with Nate’s Custom Charters offers St. Thomas boat charters to Buck Island and will ensure that your vacation experience is beyond expectation. Captain Nate has a solid five star rating and knows the ins and outs of Buck Island and its history. While this seemingly innocent island is the home to such breath taking displays of nature, its past is somewhat colorful to say the least.

It is believed that Buck Island was a stopping place in the 1600’s for pirates such as Henry Morgan, Blackbeard and Captain Kidd. The Virgin Islands were pirate infested in that time period. Often these pirates would have a base camp on islands such as Buck Island and wait for passing ships. They would then proceed to board then and steal any of the goods they might be carrying. Being that Buck Island has never been inhabited it made the island a perfect hiding place for pirates. Not to mention the sheer beauty of the island and its surrounding shores.

Buck Island is the home to the only undersea national monument in America. In 1961 president Kennedy went on a tour of Buck Island and was astonished at its sheer beauty. After leaving the island he had it declared a national monument in order to ensure its protection. The National Parks Service was then given the ability to maintain the island and 880 acres of surrounding coral reef. President Clinton extended the area of reef under protection by more than 18,000 acres while in office. This act was a part of the global Coral Reef Initiative.

Buck-Island-ST-THoamds-Acanthurus-CoeruleusThe island itself is an impressive 176 acres and is a prime location for snorkeling. Buck Island is only accessible through private boat or a tour guide licensed by the National Park Service. Captain Nate will gladly take you on one of his St. Thomas boat charters and allow you to witness the beauty of this national monument. You’ll have the chance to snorkel the reef line and witness the sea life that inhabits it. There are picnic areas and restrooms on one side of the island for day travelers but other than that there are no facilities. In order to ensure the safety of the coral reef the island is undeveloped and uninhabited. There are, however, numerous hiking trails that will take you through the exotic wildlife of Buck Island making it the perfect location for St. Thomas day trips.

It’s time for you to plan your St. Thomas vacation and hire Captain Nate to take you on one of his St. Thomas boat charters to Buck Island. The beauty of this island and its surrounding reef is unparalleled and will speak to the hearts of the family man and adventurer alike. Refuse to settle for a mundane vacation and give Nate’s Custom Charter’s a call. They will ensure that your St. Thomas excursions are the events of a lifetime.

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    Best Charter in the Virgin Islands! Captain Nate's custom charters is the best way to see the Virgin Islands. He's skilled and knowledgeable and the name is accurate- he will customize the day for you, how you want it. He's very personable and easy to get along with. I went with a large group and he made sure all of us had a great time. Highly recommend! Visited July 2014

    Captain Nate Made Our Vacation! We were lucky to find Nate free when we got to St Thomas, but we did and he created the BEST day of our vacation! We enjoyed the day easily swimming from beautiful beaches or right from his boat. His boat is so comfortable and well-equipped. Nate introduced our kids 7 and 10 to snorkeling - he has a true gift for working with kids in the water. We all enjoyed a great luncheon spot, swam more, and returned home wishing we could have another of Nate's special days. Don't miss one of his adventures! Nate's been in St Thomas for many years and knows where all the best places are and pays special attention to making sure you have fun in a very safe environment! Enjoy!

    Best day ever! This was our second time on Nate's boat. The first was just my husband and I and we had such a great time snorkeling and fishing. When we booked our trip back to St Thomas with our children (ages 9 and 11) the first thing I did was contact Nate. The kids had soooo much fun! We snorkeled with Sea Turtles, swam at one of the most beautiful and peaceful beaches and even caught a Barracuda. What an amazing day. Nate was great about mixing up the day with exciting adventure and relaxing time. When I get on Nates boat I an confident he will make it a day to remember. If you want a relaxing day snorkeling and beach hoping or some exciting fishing Nate will make it happen. He should be your first call when you plan your trip to st Thomas.

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