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Virgin Islands Boat Charters – Norman Island (Treasure Island)

Virgin Island Boat Charters – Norman Island

Treasure-island-boat-tourAre you planning a trip to the Virgin Islands? If so, Norman Island is the perfect vacation destination for both you and your family. Captain Nate with Nate’s Custom Charters will gladly take you on one of his infamous St. Thomas excursions to the legendary Norman Island. Captain Nate carries a strong five star rating and will show you all the sites of Norman Island, including those known only to the locals. With his years of experience as captain in these waters he can share the local legends and history surrounding the island should you care to listen. Norman Islands history is far more illustrious than that of its sister islands.

Treasure-island-boat-chartersThe legendary Norman Island is also known by another name, Treasure Island. It is believed that the author Robert Louis Stevenson based his legendary book Treasure Island off the location of Norman Island. Several of the landmarks presented in the book match up to the geography of Norman Island a little too well to coincidence. While the tales in Stevenson’s book are fictional Norman Island does have a history of buried treasure. It is recorded that the crew of the Spanish galleon Neustra Senora de Guadalupe buried an estimated 55 chests of treasure on Norman Island. The treasure was later discovered by residents of the island but it is still believed that more could exist. This simply adds to the allure of the island.

Norman Island has more to offer than just a colorful history. The island spans 610 acres and is full of gorgeous scenery and wildlife. When you undertake one of Captain Nate’s St. Thomas excursions on Norman Island you’ll have the opportunity to see all the island has to offer. From hiking to snorkeling there are plenty of ways to enjoy the breath taking scenery. The caves present on the island are an ideal place to explore. There are also ruins left over from the plantation era that will take you back in time to Norman Islands past. The many anchorages that are present on Norman Island are the perfect places to visit as you enjoy your St. Thomas boat charters.

Norman-island-boat-charterThe island also offers a great number of restaurants and bars. The Pirates Bight Restaurant has amazing seafood from the surrounding ocean and is the perfect mealtime location for you and your family. Close by is the Willy T floating bar and restaurant perfect for that evening drink or morning mimosa. These are only two of the many dining establishments offered on the island with several more worth a visit. The food alone will make your St. Thomas excursions worthy of remembrance. The seafood is fresh and tantalizing to the taste buds. Prepared with the utmost care you will have the opportunity to experience true island dining.

At Nate’s Custom Charters we will take you on the adventure of a lifetime as you visit the splendor that is Norman Island. Whether snorkeling, hiking, sailing, or viewing the ruins you won’t be disappointed on your St. Thomas day trips with Captain Nate. Norman Island has something for everyone, adrenaline junkie and site seer alike. Refuse to have a subpar vacation experience and give Nate’s Custom Charter’s a call today.

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    Best Charter in the Virgin Islands! Captain Nate's custom charters is the best way to see the Virgin Islands. He's skilled and knowledgeable and the name is accurate- he will customize the day for you, how you want it. He's very personable and easy to get along with. I went with a large group and he made sure all of us had a great time. Highly recommend! Visited July 2014

    Captain Nate Made Our Vacation! We were lucky to find Nate free when we got to St Thomas, but we did and he created the BEST day of our vacation! We enjoyed the day easily swimming from beautiful beaches or right from his boat. His boat is so comfortable and well-equipped. Nate introduced our kids 7 and 10 to snorkeling - he has a true gift for working with kids in the water. We all enjoyed a great luncheon spot, swam more, and returned home wishing we could have another of Nate's special days. Don't miss one of his adventures! Nate's been in St Thomas for many years and knows where all the best places are and pays special attention to making sure you have fun in a very safe environment! Enjoy!

    Best day ever! This was our second time on Nate's boat. The first was just my husband and I and we had such a great time snorkeling and fishing. When we booked our trip back to St Thomas with our children (ages 9 and 11) the first thing I did was contact Nate. The kids had soooo much fun! We snorkeled with Sea Turtles, swam at one of the most beautiful and peaceful beaches and even caught a Barracuda. What an amazing day. Nate was great about mixing up the day with exciting adventure and relaxing time. When I get on Nates boat I an confident he will make it a day to remember. If you want a relaxing day snorkeling and beach hoping or some exciting fishing Nate will make it happen. He should be your first call when you plan your trip to st Thomas.

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