So Much Fun in February

February 24, 2023

St. Thomas Boat Charters is having so much fun in February! The weather has been beautiful, and the water has been crystal clear. We have been splitting up the time between the US virgin Islands, and the British Virgin Islands. Both are equally beautiful, and both have so much to offer. St. Thomas Boat Charters caters to what our guests want and need and we tailor the day to create an amazing experience for each group. If you want to sit back and relax in the shade, we have plenty of shade. If you want to lay out in the sun and catch some Vitamin D we have plenty of that for everyone. If snorkeling with Crush the turtle and seeing beautiful and colorful fish is what you fancy, we have tons of healthy reefs to explore. St. Thomas Boat Charters is a Boutique boat charter service that provides a quality experience with quality Captains. We only have 3 Captains and we are all tons of fun. Captain Jeff, Captain Patrick, and Captain Nate are all ready to show you an amazing day on the water!