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st. thomas snorkeling

St Thomas Snorkeling Adventures

St Thomas Snorkeling Adventures

Are you looking for the best St Thomas boat rental company to explore all the Virgin Islands has to offer, with plenty of opportunities to swim with exotic fish, explore the beautiful coral, and simply enjoy the warm Caribbean water. The “Indians” is one of the best coral reefs that are full of colorful fish and healthy coral.

Buck Island St. Thomas is another prime snorkeling spot, the land was transferred to the fish and wildlife serves over the years. Buck island is surrounded by coral reefs and features a shipwreck that is popular for snorkelers and divers alike. While in St. John visit Leinster Bay, which features abundant and beautiful flora and fauna under some of the clearest water you will ever snorkel in. 

Swim with sea turtles, check out the sea stars in St. John or explore the Treasure Caves of Norman Island. Norman Island, known locally as “Treasure Island,” is said to have inspired the book Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. The book is a tale based on this area and a family from St. Thomas who found Spanish gold in the “Caves,” which also happens to be one of the best snorkeling spots in the Caribbean.

We offer easy access boats for all types of passengers and work hard to make sure you are comfortable. Fuel and all drinks and wine are included in the price so you will not be surprised at the end of a great adventure with a larger tab then you expected. We also provide all the fishing and snorkeling gear. Just meet us at the dock and prepare to set sail into pirate waters!

--- Snorkeling With Sea Turtles

Reserve Your Spot Today! Or, If You Have More Questions, Give Us A Call.

Reserve Your Spot Today! Or, If you Have More Questions, Give Us a Call.