May 2024 Report

May 14, 2024

St. Thomas Boat Charters is reveling in the delights of the spring season here in the Virgin Islands. May marks the shoulder season, offering us stunning weather and fewer crowds, creating ideal conditions for memorable days on the water. With calm waters prevailing, we seize the opportunity to explore new reefs and beaches that are typically inaccessible due to rough conditions.

Today exemplified the beauty of our surroundings as we indulged in snorkeling adventures with turtles and starfish at Maho Bay. Afterward, we ventured to Christmas Cove for a delightful lunch at Pizza Pi before embarking on an exploration of a nearby shipwreck. The water temperature, hovering around 80 degrees, ensures a comfortable and extended snorkeling experience.

Onboard, we provide top-notch snorkeling gear and flotation devices for everyone’s enjoyment and safety. Our experienced Captains offer snorkel lessons, ensuring all guests feel at ease and excited to explore the underwater wonders. Led by Nate and his dedicated team, our priority is to ensure a day filled with joy and safety for all aboard.

We meticulously select spots that guarantee stress-free swimming and fun, steering clear of rough or challenging conditions. When you charter with St. Thomas Boat Charters, our Captains are always ready with suggestions and recommendations tailored to your preferences. We prioritize your desires, shaping the day’s activities according to your thoughts and ideas.

As a small boutique company, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled quality in boat charters. With a small team, we promise a personalized and memorable experience, likely to be the highlight of your vacation. With Nate’s 25 years of expertise, he has honed our offerings to deliver an unforgettable charter experience.

Why choose Nate’s Custom Charters? Our fleet boasts all-new, supremely comfortable boats, each meticulously designed to ensure your comfort. Whether you seek shade or sun, our vessels offer ample space for everyone to relax and enjoy the journey. Every aspect of our boats has been carefully considered, reflecting our passion for what we do.

At St. Thomas Boat Charters, we find joy in laughter and good times, and we extend an invitation for you to join us for the ultimate day on the water.