Happy 4th from St. Thomas Boat Charters

July 3, 2024

Let’s go island hopping and snorkeling! July is typically one of the windiest months of the year, so it’s perfect for enjoying the cool breeze on the boat while enjoying the blue waters of the Virgin Islands. We have the most amazing water that is so warm and clear which makes for the most amazing snorkeling. Our team has a ton of secret snorkel spots that have tons of colorful fish and healthy coral. We also have a few spots that are always great for snorkeling with turtles. If you want to have a fun lunch on the water,
we can take you to lime out for the best tacos ever! If you just got a new passport, and want to
check out the British Virgin Islands, we can cross the border and spend the day exploring all the
white sandy beaches, and fun local beach bars. Soggy Dollar Bar is definitely a top pick. The famous painkiller drink is so delicious, and you can relax in the water and soak up some vitamin D. We have the best team that is ready to show you the best day of your vacation. We have designed our boats to be the most comfortable, and spacious platform that everyone will enjoy. If you want to get away from the crowds, and have a unique experience on your own private boat, give St. Thomas Boat Charters a call today and let us show you the best day ever!