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Nate the Mate!

I’ve used Nate for business entertaining a few times before but this was the first time with my family. I was a little apprehensive on how the kids aged 9&8 would cope on their first ever boat tour and had visions we’d be turning for home after 10 mins. How wrong I could have been. Nate made the kids a big part of the day, they loved every minute, a whole days booking was just not enough..!

His boat is the perfect size, ( a lot of the competition have much smaller boats) as steady as a rock and Nate is a great skipper, even when having fun with the kids he has another eye on every wave and ensures a smooth and safe ride.

A not to be missed day exploring some awesome beaches and great value for your kids to have unique experiences such as swimming with the Rays, Turtles and catching fish.

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